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Welcome to Lier!
The energy switch starts here

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In the Bollaarstraat in Lier,
SEDS is coming out of its conceptual phase.

O3-SHIFT, co-founder of SEDS, is building 71 energy-neutral flats consisting of 3 buildings. They are doing this in collaboration with ABN Architecten. Both companies have been committed to energy-efficient and circular construction for some time. With the integration of SEDS, their project gives it the official kick-off of the energy switch.

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Energy sources

Energy from solar panels and geothermal energy 

SEDS is a hybrid and source-independent heating system. In Lier, it is linked to solar panels and geothermal energy.

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We want to use this green energy as efficiently as possible.

That is why all 71 flats were given their own SEDS unit with a booster heat pump. Subsequently, each unit was linked to a smart, fail-safe system. This way, we guarantee high living comfort with low energy consumption.

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Best on the market

Lowest E-level, lowest TCO

Sustainability was also at the forefront of the construction of the project. The apartment buildings were built entirely from CLT: a renewable material that enables Nearly Zero Energy living (NZE). In combination with the SEDS units, the flats almost achieve passive living. All this at the lowest TCO on the market!

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Join the energy switch!