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SEDS is a future-proof system that provides collective housing units with domestic hot water and a seasonal comfort temperature in an energy-efficient manner.

Go for a hybrid source-independent system

SEDS can be connected to all possible energy sources: classic and renewable, now and in the future.

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A smart hybrid system, ready for the switch to 100% renewable energy

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Lowest TCO

SEDS is the most sustainable, most cost-effective square meter of the building

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Fail-safe system

SEDS units are monitored remotely. No sudden defects, no worries

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With its patented techniques, SEDS does not give legionella a chance

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SEDS is the key to climate-neutral living.

SEDS (Sustainable Energy Distribution System) is the sustainable and affordable way to climate-neutral collective living. The innovative set-up makes a big difference at the drawing board, during the technical studies and on site.

Exciting news

Buffertank met zonnepanelen

Heating with a buffer tank

To improve the energy performance of new housing projects, we need to fully utilize renewable energy. Although there is one problem: peak moments of energy consumption and natural energy production do not coincide. To compensate for this gap, and ensure comfort ánd energy efficiency, SEDS makes use of buffer vessels.

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SEDS: the solution to the energy crisis

Energy prices are at an all-time high and continue to rise. There are several geopolitical causes for this. But we should also dare to look at ourselves. Because if we had invested in sustainable energy sooner, we would have been much more resilient now. With SEDS (Sustainable Energy Distribution System) you prepare your next building project for an energy-neutral future.

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